After dark


Neon lights penetrate into the curtains and shed a colorful blast on the darkest of canvas. Leftover food scattered all over the ground. Random newspapers crumbled into a ball at the corner of the room, with dead cockroaches’ legs sticking out. The stained blanket leaks a smell that suggests a combination of pickles and licorice. We wrap that blanket around our naked bodies to withstand this lingering night.


In your iris, I catch a glimpse

of a crimson hell

awaiting in soft



Flies rest on our eyelashes, probably laying eggs as well. As we blink, they fly off and kiss every wasted part of you and me. A long-withstanded peace breaks the moment you crash the fly on my face. Its black guts spill and spatters on my filthy strands of hair. Perhaps there is a power shortage because all lights and colours are withdrawn since the last sight of you leaning close to me.


“Thank you.”

I wish you felt my voice in the air.

One less more

colorless, odorless, motionless, mindless


If only lines remain,

I could still draw you a silhouette


If only wind lingers,

I would trace the way you breathe


If only mind moves,

I would recall and relive moments of you


If only I were erased,

I could feel you were the one I slightly attached



Slugs bug my eye as they crawl on the trail.

Slimy texture glues to the smooth expanse.

A strong gust blows, their skin shiver and wail

to a point it all falls into a trance.


One of them jump to my face and fall off.

More come for my skin and stick all around.

Another wind arrives and makes me cough.

Faraway you look at me like a clown.


And so, I drop to the ground with the slugs,

lying hands and feet out as a starfish.

Blurry images of you give me hugs.

It feels like I have kept my dying wish.


Attach to me, dear, whatever you are,

I will ever be fiddling in your scar.

Crossed duos

My finger nails rust into dust.

Your burger emits crumbs so little.

We promise not to consume lust

as the love we form is all so brittle.

My hair thins as time wears a cloth

so grey that the skyline weeps it away.

Forget so as to remember the froth

we breathe underwater astray.

Your smile needs to be framed before

it freezes in our absence in memory.

You may not believe I hear you swore

every time it lasts more than a century.

Count and me and you would be awake.

I would be asleep till the end of the break.


                                Unwanted laughter spills out in unexpected times.
Unmatched destinies cross paths once in a while.
                                Unwonted qualities introduce themselves as mimes.
Unceasing affections refuse to travel anymore miles.

                                        Flip the unforeseen anxieties inside out.
Strip the reserved tenderness from curbs.
                                      Dip the concentrated senses into a drought.
Grip the unyielding fervor until it burps.


Crumpled papers 

Crumpled tissues 

Crumpled photos 

Bury themselves 

In a tin can 

In a rubbish bin 

In a refrigerator 

Ants are out 

Moths are out 

Cockroaches are out 

Crawling on faces 

Smudging makeups 

Wiping off expressions 

A glass of wine collapsed 

A box of candies spoiled 

A house of cards burned 

Wires twisted 

Books ripped 

Mirrors smashed 

Red prints on each wall 

Red margins on each tile 

Red liquor on each glass 

Consume the last oxygen 

In the atmosphere 

Gravity pulls them down 

Leaving me afloat 

On the ceiling 

On the attic 

On the rooftop 

Strands of hair 

Stood up 



Too easily 

For any to feel 

For any to sense 

For any to bring 

Such a weightless figure 






I return to it,

a place I am supposed to belong.

This time with him.

Every stroke against the current

reduces my body mass a bit.

I remove my spectacles

to be able to see the underworld




Passersby trapped into a cycle,

keep looping at the same spot.

Head tilted on the other side–

I breathe water,

welling into my eyes.

He is on the other side.


The conveyor belt is rotating

until I stop at the middle.

The sky eats black particles

and throws up lasers.

Droplets moisten my throat,

as the water down here

adds lead onto

my skin.


Wanting to disappear,

my face goes inside.

All the holes repel invaders.

Why could I not make

myself denser than

where I am now?

So I could sink,

sink at the bottom of it.

And sing

my favorite song.


Diligently, he is the same old self.

Snapshots of him going

backward and forward

retains my presence

and sanity.

So engaged that

I fade into the air.

Even thunder

takes over me

who is right over here.



I return to it.

I think it is where I belong.

I think.

I think until

my brain bursts.

But it still refuses to let me in.

So I let it go.

And maybe

should let him go