Have you ever experienced bullying, damaging criticism or lost your confidence in yourself?



Plugged in the silver-blue earphones,

a volcano stands to witness the house on fire.


Smudged onto the ground,

a rose quits blossoming from the top of the tree.


Paralyzed on a stainless steel panal,

a letter eats away its bloody words with fervor.


Invaded by relentless armies of soldiers,

a rhythm spits its venom on the starless sky.


“A sting spreads in a wound

as god knows who add teardrops into it”


Broken twigs lay on the ground,

cracking their very bones and joints,

their faces welcome people’s stampede.


Scorpions hide under this cute pink skirt,

their tails poke themselves,

but the poison leaks outwards.


Locomotives smoke and kiss engines,

racing from dan to beersheba,

their destination is the galaxy’s limit.


Water swirls into a mini tsunami,

blinding the eagle with its dampen wings,

an airy entrance centers at its heart.


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